Sarah Finucane : Creative Director / UX

Fiji Water

The bottled water industry has been hit hard by environmental protection groups. Obviously our water isn’t local. We’re slashing our ad budget by 70%. Our primary objective is to sell just one more bottle of water per year, to an existing customers. That’ll keep us afloat.
— Fiji Water


Sell one additional bottle of water to existing customers.

Fiji slashed the budget, limiting our tactics to digital and foodie-centric events, like Food & Wine Aspen. The marketing teams tasked creative with a super straightforward objective



Leverage mobile.

Bridge the gap between the website, events and point of purchase.



UNTOUCHED by man until you open the cap.

Create a responsive social site, plus a mobile app. Key features:

  • place to download the app
  • a gallery of curated user generated content created by fans at FIJI Events
  • water tracker & reminder
  • GPS water locator & coupon system
  • Awesome Things-to-do & Events Calendar
  • Every thing you ever wanted to know about Fiji Water

The app features a water tracker, which allowed user to plan and log how much water they drank daily, plus get notifications when it was time to drink the next FIJI. Out of water? It's all good, there's a GPS locator which will connect you with your next bottle of FIJI, with a coupon to boot. Looking for the next event? Sweet, there is a calendar which shows events in your area. Want to head to a restaurant that serves FIJI? No worries, the app can book your reservation.