Sarah Finucane : Creative Director / UX


We’re the biggest healthcare company in the world, and we cannot provide online quotes for small businesses. The only way to get a quote by calling an agent. It’s kinda crazy!
— United Healthcare

the story

ROLE: Creative Director, UX/UI Designer, Copywriter


CLIENT: United Healthcare

AGENCY: Hoverstate




Create a responsive application that allows small business owners to get a quote online.  


A small business owner had to have about 46 variables of data on hand, for each employee, in order to speak to an agent and receive an estimate.


The folds at UHC were annoyed by the new laws brought on by the ACA. It was a big change in how they have been doing business for years. My strategy was to embrace the change. Leverage the new laws enacted by the Affordable Care. Only 2 questions needed to be asked :
1. How old is the employee?
2. What zip code do they reside in?


My solution was simple: convince United Healthcare that they have been going about quotes all wrong — for decades. All UHC needed to do was differentiate their approach to providing a rough estimate from a formal Quote. 





Through research, we defined the top three user personas. We identified their needs, priorities and pain points. Getting to know Tom, Dick & Harry allowed us to lead them to achieve their task, in the most delightful way possible.



Tom is new to this insurance rodeo. He's just getting his feet wet. He's googling, he's looking at multiple providers.

Tom doesn't have a clue what plan is right for him and his employees. He really just wants some ballpark numbers. And he doesn't want to have to enter a boat load of information to get his estimate. 

He's not ready to buy, but he will be pretty soon. Tom needs information & estimates, and a solid recommendation from a trustworthy source would really propel him forward. 



Dick has already done a ton of research. He's ready to compare to compare his top 2-3 choices. But he can't, and he's pretty frustrated. Every company he has reached out to has been vague online and they're not giving him clear answers or clear figures. 

Tom did fill out a form of over 60 line items to request a quote. This annoyed Tom. But guess what happened after he hit the submit button? Tom was bombarded by 15 agents, ringing his phone and bombing his inbox. Tom got super annoyed. He totally lost trust. He wound up yelling at them to take his off their call list. 



Harry is ready to buy. He has narrowed down his choices. He's overwhelmed and frustrated. He really doesn't give a shit anymore, he's over it! He wants to be done with the process so he can get back to work.

He needs to get in touch with an agent right away. The agents top three plans, in his industry and area are enough. Ratings no longer matter to Harry, because while he was doing the research, he learned there are only marginal differences between plans.